About Trth Brand

Trth Brand is a Black Owned Streetwear & Lifestyle brand founded upon the principles of living your truth and being your authentic self. We were founded in 2021 and operate out of Miami, FL.

Everything we sell falls under the category of feel good apparel. Whenever you're rocking any Trth gear, it should serve as a reminder of your responsibility to live by the glass half full mentality as you step out to bless the world with your energy! 

This collection of apparel is for everyone no matter who you are, how you identify, or anything you're struggling with. We all have moments of doubt and vulnerability, which is perfectly normal, but what matters is how you respond and show up.

This brand is for the 9-5 employee, the creatives, the remote worker, the sneaker-heads, those living in fear, those re-creating themselves & the countless categories anyone can identify with. This brand is for you!